Day 185 | Dominican Republic | Las Terrenas | A Day at the Beach

A group from the hostel, ten peeps in total, had all arranged to hire a Gwa-Gwa for the day (through our host at the hostel), to drive us our to Playa Rincon which is a bay out on the Samana Peninsula. About a 3-4 hour drive away.


The view of the beach from afar

It was really just a day chilling out on the beach. We did a wander up and down to various areas of the beach and then settled on the main part of the beach for the day to set up camp where the waves were a little calmer. Until we left we did a combination of reading, mixed with dips in the ocean to cool off…it’s a touch life ๐Ÿ˜‰


The beach


Not a bad way to spend a day

At around 5pm, we all piled into the Gwa-Gwa again, this time Anthony and I were in the tray (think a ute with a cover over it and plank seating around), on the trip up we had the more comfortable seats in the cab of the ute. It was an adventure to say the least, though as the sun was starting to set it did start to get a little chilly!

Once back at the hostel we had another of Manty’s amazing feasts for dinner, followed by a couple of drinks. At dinner we met another couple Karoline and Michael from Germany, awesome couple, we were a little devastated that we only met them today and we are leaving tomorrow. We were up until about midnight-1am just chatting away to them, definitely people who would be awesome to spend a bit of time getting to know.

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