Day 186 | Dominican Republic | Santo Domingo | Back on the Road

Back on the road again, today was drive out day from Las Terrenas. We were once again leaving at the same time as the two Danish girls we had previously been following the same path and another Dutch guy. The drive down to Santo Domingo went smoothly and before we knew it we were back in Santo Domingo.

This time we are only here for one night and Island Life where we stayed previously (along with everyone else we seem to be meeting!) was booked out, so we had to track down somewhere else, so we ended up at La Choza Guesthouse. It is a bit of a nicer place, however, didn’t quite have the social vibe of Island Life.


Beautiful door around where we were staying


More Santo Domingo building awesomeness

Given we had been in Santo Domingo before, there were no great aspiration of what we felt like doing here, so we just did a little wander around the streets for a bit before heading back to the hostel where I had a bit of a lie down as I had a thumping headache and Anthony went for a little wander around playing photographer.

For dinner we headed to Falafel Zona Colonial which was super tasty. They are apparently famous for their hummus and you know what, it was pretty darn good!

Post dinner we just headed back for an quiet night, plus I had a video conference call with work back home to say hi to everyone. Technology being technology and WIFI as it is, it wasn’t the easiest conversation but still good to see everyone!

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