Day 187 | Haiti | Port-Au-Prince| Another Day of Travel

Initially when we were planning our trip to Hispaniola, we were only going to visit the Dominican Republic and bypass Haiti as through our research the safety of the area was questionable. It was only after we met Creighton at the Island Life Backpackers that we started to change our minds, plus we did a lot more research and realised that as word would have it Jamaica is more dangerous than Haiti is.

Intrigued by all the work that the place Creighton works at – Haiti Communitere, it was decided. We were going to Haiti.

So getting up early to catch our bus, and we had the long drive across to Port-Au-Prince (approx 7 hours).


Gotta a love a bus that provides you with lunch

Crossing the border was a bit of an experience!! First we had to exit the DR, where they lead us into a little room, having already taken our passports when we checked into a bus, and didn’t appear to be doing too much except having conversations in Spanish. It didn’t help that we had left everything on the bus and couldn’t actually see the bus to ensure it hadn’t left in our little box of a room. But sure enough everything worked and we soon enough were told to go and get back on the bus while our passports stayed with a lady from the coach company.

Thankfully we were reunited with our passports eventually, we won’t lie there were some slight nerves as to whether this would happen!! LOL!


Just a hint of the intense madness at the DR border

Continuing along our journey and the Haitian border was super straight forward. We walked into the office, handed over our passports and got a stamp. Back on the bus we had armed guards protecting our bus! OMG what had we got ourselves into! LOL!

But everything was fine, we arrived into Port-Au-Prince with no problems whatsoever – what the hell were we worried about.

At the bus terminal we had a bit of a frantic time trying to find transport to Haiti Communitere where we were staying, given we don’t speak any Haitian Creole. LOL! Of course, we eventually made it and were greeted at the compound by Creighton, so good to see a friendly face!

Not long after putting our bags down we were Prestige in hand being shown around. Then us along with the rest of the crew working at HC all headed down the road to a new bar that had opened up for a couple more beers. Back at HC we had dinner as here, both breakfast and dinner were provided.

Post dinner, the rest of the guys were all heading out to Hotel Oloffson (read up about it, it’s historic, it was built in the late 19th century, is the gingerbread style which was synonymous with Haiti back in the day, and Bill & Hillary Clinton even spent their honeymoon here!!!) to see the local band RAM play (as they play every Thursday night). It was an awesome night, but I won’t lie, I was exhausted by the time we got home!


The band in action


Crazy statues in the hotel

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