Day 244 | US Virgin Islands | St John | When All the Stars Align

We weren’t leaving until 11am this morning as Kat and Charles both had to do some court things in relation to the hostel robbery the other day, so Anthony and I pottered around packing up all our things and heading to the grocery store for some supplies.

Then it was to our meeting point and we were off, off and away in our sailboat, St Thomas bound. We didn’t do too much sailing though as we had the motor going to whole way due to low winds. We arrived into St Thomas at around 5pm. It was a pretty chill day on the boat just chatting away and playing Lego men with Stax.


Kat & Stax playing up front


One super cool small human


The sailboat

When we arrived into St Thomas Charles drove us to shore where we just had to walk up to the main road and from there managed to catch a $2 bus which took us all the way to the other side of the island to Red Hook where the ferry terminal was. We got there about 10 minute before the 7pm ferry was due to depart (they leave every hour).

It was only a short ferry ride and once we arrived into Cruz Bay in St John there was a dollar bus right there sitting and waiting so were able to jump straight on that up to the road near our AirBnB.

We tried to walk out to a couple of places to grab some dinner but they were all closed or closing but one lady directed us down to Chester’s Getaway which was a local bar where we grabbed ourselves some pub grub.

Already we are loving the vibe in St John, everyone so far has been so, so friendly. We had a couple of drinks at the bar before calling it a night.

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