Day 245 | US Virgin Islands | St John | Finding a Car

As we got in late last night we didn’t have time to get any supplies from town for breakfast so we headed out to the bus stop to go into town for breakfast. Whilst waiting for the bus some guy stopped and offered us a lift in the back of his truck which we gladly accepted. Once in town, we had the yummiest breakfast at Jake’s Restaurant.


The signs you see on the way to the bus


So, so tasty!

Post breakfast we headed down to the national park office to grab some information, given St John is 60% national park. (NB: For places like this we are glad they are US territories as one thing the Americans do super well is the information and maps about their national parks!!)

Realising that in order to get the most out of our time here we would need a car we then went in search of one. There were so many car places we thought there would be no problem at all, however, being that it is Mother’s Day weekend everywhere seemed to be booked out! Craziness! So what we thought would be a simple task ended up taking ages!! We eventually found ourselves on at the Smoothie Shop?!?!

We then headed back out of town, stopping past the shops on the way to get supplies before heading to our accommodation to change into our beach attire and go check us out a beach!

We decided to head down to Hawksnest Beach which was not too far away from where we were staying and it was beautiful there. So we spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out there enjoying the sun, sand and water as they say!


Gorgeousness (The water & the husband 😉 )


Beaching it

Then it was eventually time to head back home where we made ourselves up a nice healthy stirfry for dinner.


Glorious views on our drive home


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