Day 246 | US Virgin Islands | St John | Happy Mother’s Day

Anthony cooked up a storm this morning making us some super tasty potato hash cakes for breakfast. After eating, we packed ourselves up for a day at the beach. Our plan for the day was to head further afield today given it is Mother’s Day so likely that everywhere will be busy.

Our first stop was at Peace Hill to take some photos of an old windmill that sat atop the hill with some beautiful views of the beaches below.


Windmill remains


Beautiful beach views

We then drove on to Anaburg Plantation (an old sugar plantation / rum factory) and wandered around the beautiful ruins there. They have remains of a windmill, where they made molasses, where the horses/donkey’s processed sugarcane, the old rum factory and the slave quarters.


Cute bird that was not shy at all


Always love frangipanis


Old windmill at the plantation


Stunning brickwork

We then headed off on about a 2km hike to Waterlemon Cay. Here there was a little bit of reef so we did some snorkelling around and then indulged in some beach reading.


Cute little guys


Gorgeous parrotfish


More little guys


An angel fish


Perhaps not the softest place to read but we work with what we have


Waterlemon Cay

After sufficient reading and some lunch we decided to hike our way back to the car. We stopped into Honeymoon Beach on our way. It was a stunning beach and to get there we had to hike all the way through a resort, but worth it.


Stingray and friend at Honeymoon Beach

On our way back out of town we stopped into the shops to pick up a few things before heading home and making a random soup with all the leftover veggies we have been carrying around.

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