Day 247 | US Virgin Islands | St John | Turtles Galore

This morning before going anywhere we had to move house. We extended our stay but had to move to another room at our AirBnB. Whilst sorting this out we also had a big chat to Susan the owner of the house and she gave us a heap of information about the British Virgin Islands and gave us some different options as to where to from here.

Then we drove down to Francis Bay in the hunt for some turtles. Given we had no luck spotting turtles on Culebra we weren’t confident we would spot them here either. It took a little while of swimming about but we ended up seeing HEAPS!! We think the ones we saw were green turtles. They were so big and just stunning. It was so much fun swimming alongside them and just admiring their beauty. The writers of Finding Nemo were right, turtles are just so chill. They did not seem bothered at all that we were swimming around them.




Just keep swimming



We swam around with a bunch of different turtles for ages. I could just sit and watch them all day long.




Spotted this rare turtle species


Coming up for air

Eventually it was time to come into shore. Not long after getting out of the water a nurse shark just casually came swimming past in the shallows. Pretty crazy!


As you do…

We then spent ages watching pelicans diving down into the water. It is so fascinating to watch them dive from so high up and just nosedive it straight into the water.


Taking off again after a dive


Cool turtley waters

We left and drove down to Coral Bay to grab a bite to eat at a burger joint called Skinny Legs. We then continued to drive to the other side of the island to walk the Rams Head trail. We got maybe 2/3rd’s of the way before deciding to turn around and head back. It was crazy hot and we didn’t think it would be a view anymore amazing than what we had already seen on the trail.


Local beers at Skinny Legs

Walking back we jumped into the water at Saltpond Bay to cool ourselves off. Eventually we dragged ourselves out of the water to head on home. We tried to drive up the mountain pass to admire the view which was a super steep road however over half way there and the road was closed! Doh!

So, after backtracking we headed back on into Cruz Bay where we stopped into Longboard for a drink. Initially we were wanting to try a Bushwacker but they didn’t have any, so we had a couple of Painkillers off their happy hour menu instead. It was then time to head home where we had leftovers for dinner.

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