Day 251 | Saint Martin | Les Terres Basses | Getting Around the Island

We caught a bus down to Friar’s bay today for a bit of a swim. From here we walked around to Happy Bay which is a nudie beach, was basically just a beach filled with lots of creepers, hoping to ogle some naked bodies.


Beautiful sky at Friar’s Bay


The gorgeous walk to Happy Bay


Random sculpture at Happy Bay


Random artwork

We walked from Happy Bay back out to the main road and managed to catch ourselves a bus down to Grand Case where we had a massive salad at Love Barย for lunch. From here we walked a long way before eventually catching a bus hoping to around the island, however, they ended up making us get off before we hit the Dutch side, so we hopped on another bus that took us all the way back again! LOL!

We then figured out how we could catch a bus down to the Dutch side so took that down to Phillipsburg to see what it was all about. It was super quiet as there were no cruise ships in today and this is the massive cruise ship port. We stopped into Carib Time bar for a couple of Caribs (of course) and got chatting to the guy who worked there who was from Jamaica.

We caught the bus back to our end of town and walked ourselves back to our accommodation. We didn’t really achieve much today, but we did do a lot of walking so we were both pretty tired. Dinner was leftover cheese and crackers from last night. We then did a massive load of washing using the bathtub at our place. All I can say is that I would make a very lousy washerwoman!

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