Day 252 | Guadeloupe | Basse-Terre | Sand Everywhere

This morning we packed ourselves up and grabbed a taxi to the airport. Our time here was short and sweet. We weren’t originally planning to stay here, however with flights as they were it was actually the cheapest option to fly through Saint Martin on our way to Guadeloupe.

After checking in at the airport, we walked down to Maho beach which is right next to the airport so planes fly so close overhead to land. It was all super fun until there was a large jet plane taking off in the other direction which blasted us, and I mean BLASTED US with sand. It was the craziest, craziest experience. No one was really expecting the impact to be so strong. There was sand and peoples belongings flying everywhere. When I say there was sand everywhere, I mean, there was sand EVERYWHERE! LOL!


Big plane


Little plane selfie


Even closer

After my sandblasting all over exfoliation, I was definitely over the planes flying in so we headed across to the Driftwood Boat Bar for a beer then we wandered around finally finding a beer to perch ourselves and eat a cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch. Whilst here we just keep finding more and more sand in our bags, in our pockets, everywhere!

Then it was time to head back to the airport to check into our flight. Flying into Guadeloupe was hectic. There were people everywhere. Finally we got our bags and got our hire car. It was a manual left hand drive which made for a very interesting hour or so drive to Harmonie Tropicale where we were staying in Basse-Terre. After checking in it was a pretty early night for us.

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