Day 253 | Guadeloupe | Basse-Terre | All Old and Abandoned

With our little car, we drove around the top of our side of the island today. We stopped past an old batterie that wasn’t very well preserved. There was something a little bit beautiful about the overgrown-ness of it all though. We spent quite a bit of time admiring it all and trying to capture photos of butterflies that were floating around all over the place.


Why oh why haven’t you looked after your old stuff Guadeloupe?


Cannon wheels and butterflies


Cannons, cannons everywhere


Cute butterfly

We then went exploring around what we though was an old rum distillery and sugar plantation. The place was a little bit creepy and overgrown, I was scared some crazy person might come slinking out from behind the bushes! LOL!


The forest takes over


Machinery and vines


Art inside an abandoned building


What looks like an old distillery

For lunch we stopped past a local market and had some quiche and bananas before continuing on our way. Unfortunately as it is Sunday so many places seem to be closed today. From here we drove to the centre to the ferry terminal to try and find out some information before heading back across the middle of the island again. It was interesting to drive the same road we did when we arrived but in the daylight this time as it is so foresty and windy. On our way we stopped in at Cascade aux Ecrevisses for a look. There were so many people there so we didn’t really hang around too long.


The stream from the waterfall

Continuing on we decided to stop at Mamelle de Pigeon as this looked like a nice short hike for us to do, with the added advantage of having no-one there. We weren’t really planning on doing any hiking today so our attire was not exactly appropriate but we got the job done!


The view from the top


At the top


Woohoo we climbed the mountain behind

From here we went on the hunt for a grocery store so we could make ourselves some dinner. We drove up and down the coast but everything was closed. We finally settled on a tiny little deli where we were able to purchase items to at least make scrambled eggs for dinner.

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