Day 255 | Guadeloupe | Grande-Terre | Procrastination

This morning we feasted on an awesome breakfast at the hotel before having to go and pack up again. We had stuff absolutely everywhere, is amazing with so little stuff and in such short amounts of time how much mess we can make. As we were in full procrastination mode, we decided to call Nat and Luke for a chat instead of packing! LOL! Eventually we had to say goodbye and hang up and get our crap sorted.


Saw this absolute dude of a goat on our way out

Leaving our side of the island we drove down the bottom end of the island so in parts we have been around the whole of this side of the island. First stop was into the airport to extend our car hire and then onto our new hotel which is a bit closer to the airport as we have an early flight tomorrow. We would have flown out today if we could but the flights were crazy expensive.

We hung out in our room for a bit trying to do a bit of Dominica planning and booking. Then we went for a walk out to Le Gosier beach, however our maps lied and we couldn’t actually get a path down to the beach so we had to walk back and take our car around there instead.

Then we did a big search for dinner. There wasn’t really a lot around, plus it was pretty early as we hadn’t had lunch so had decided on an early dinner as we were starving by this time. Everywhere seemed super expensive so we ended up just grabbing a pizza takeaway to have back in our room. Back at the hotel is was more searching and finally some booking for tomorrow and that was us done.

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