Day 256 | Dominica | Castle Bruce | Back to Nature

Another early morn today as we had an 8.45am flight to Dominica, and we had to drop the car back yada, yada, yada. There was no food through the security point so we ended up having chips and peanut brittle for breakfast *sigh*. Our flight into Dominica was late and we had to wait ages for our bags and customs even though it was the tiniest airport. We picked up our car, another thing that took ages so before we knew it half the day was gone. Then finally on the road and in about an hour or so we were at our AirBnB and checked in.

The place seems really nice and is a bit of a back to nature place. We went for a wander around the property through the gardens and through a natural pool which we sat admiring for awhile.

Then out for a drive, for to Islet View Restaurant for lunch which had a beautiful view of the water, then to Emerald Pools.


Beautiful lunch views

It was a pretty walk through to Emerald Pools which eventually let out to a waterfall and pool at the end. It is a natural pool that you can swim in so we jumped on in, it was pretty cold but super refreshing. It was so lush and pretty all around.


Tropical walk


The pool


Behind the waterfall


This guy was just hanging about at the pool


Another guy who was along the path

Then the plan was to hike up to a place called Jacko’s steps which were built into the mountain by slaves but the lady part of the way up said it would take us at least 45 minutes, and we unfortunately didn’t have enough time as we had dinner back at our accommodation at 6pm. Dinner was pretty amazing.


The first part of the hike to Jacko’s steps that we did do


Check out that dinner!!

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