Day 257 | Dominica | Castle Bruce | Champagne Anyone?

We got up pretty late this morning as we both didn’t sleep too much the previous night so we are making up for it. Once awake we called Ella Jaye who turned 6 today! Woot woot!

We were going to do the Boiling Lake hike today but decided against it as we probably should start it a little earlier in the day. So we had a bit of a leisurely morning stopping for breakfast in Roseau at Urban Garden. From here we drove up to Scott’s Head and hiked up to a little lookout there and a really pretty view. (Apparently on this island they have filmed a lot of Pirates of the Caribbean). Back at the bottom we were for a snorkel, there were lots of cool fish and even a colour changing octopus that I was fascinated by – stupid me forgot the GoPro which was a shame as the octopus was really cool.


Scott’s Head views


More views of the neck and where we hiked from

Then we drove up to Champagne Reef where gases from the volcanic activity in the area seep through small holes in the ground making it look like bubbles in champagne. There wasn’t actually as many bubbles as we thought there would be but there were some large clusters which were really cool. There were also massive schools of fish swimming about which were really pretty.Β On our walk back to the car we stopped in at Melvinas Bar & Grill for a couple of beers post snorkel.

On our way home we stopped in at the grocery store for supplies for tomorrow, and then it was off to find somewhere for dinner as our accommodation couldn’t do it tonight. We ended up at Sardonyx Restaurant which was pretty average dinner but had a beautiful view. Then it was the long drive home in the dark.


This view made up for the food

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