Day 258 | Dominica | Castle Bruce | Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble

Making up for yesterday, today we were super organised and up early and on the road to arrive at the trailhead for the Boiling Lake at about 8.45am – it doesn’t sound too early but we had over an hour drive to get there.

Off we went first an up, then a small down, across a river and then more up, up, up, up, up!!! Finally we hit the peak which was a glorious view. We stopped here for a short while before heading down and into the valley of desolation.


The river


What a view


More views


Heading down the other side to the valley of desolation

The valley of desolation was a pretty amazing sight. The area is very volcanic so there was so many small pools of boiling water and steam and sulphur smells. Apparently in 2015 when Hurricane Erika hit is caused a lot of damage in this valley which actually caused a lot of steam vents etc to show themselves. I guess it is a bit of a silver lining to the storm as it is now a very impressive sight to behold.


I know I’m lizard obsessed


So much steam


Boiling water everywhere

After scoping out the area, we continued on to what was a bit more of a scramble (we realised on the way back that we had gone a touch off path and the path was not actually that scrambly! LOL!). Then finally the boiling lake!! It is massive with a massive boiling bubbling spot in the centre. There was so much steam coming off it that sometimes you couldn’t see anything and then a big gust of wind would clear it giving an amazing view.


Bubbling away


We made it!

As everyone on the trail seemed to be huddled around this one small area, after getting our fill of the view, we decided to start making our way back before stopping for lunch. We stopped at one of the hot pools on the way for lunch, just outside the valley of desolation and Anthony changed into bathers and jumped in (I was too lazy to change! ha ha!). In the valley we stopped for a minute or two to eat some lunch, then started the journey back.


Cute little hot pool all to himself

This time the climb to the peak seemed so much longer and higher with tired legs. It was just steps, steps and more steps. Every time we thought we were about to hit the peak there would be more steps – ha ha! Thankfully from this point on the majority of the way back was downhill which was a big relief. Eventually we made it back and it took us a total of about 5 hours to complete.


Just keep climbing


Taking in that gorgeous view at the peak again

At the end of the track was Titou Gorge which had a natural fresh water pool that you could swim in. We were so hot and sweaty so we wasted no time at all running back to the car, putting our bathers on and running back to jump in the water. It was so cold and refreshing, absolutely perfect after that long hike.

You could actually swim into the gorge and there was a waterfall at the end (another of those perfect photo opportunities but I left the GoPro in the car and I my legs couldn’t bear the thought of running back to get it!). The current was so strong at the waterfall so before long I was too tired to keep swimming against the current so we headed back. Because, as you do, we brought a beer and celebrated our achievement.

On the way out we wanted to head to Trafalgar Falls but unfortunately the road up to it was closed so we couldn’t get through. We instead drove through Wotten Waven as it is supposed to be a really artsy area. We stopped into some guys house to look at some art and then drove back into town to the Old Mill which is a big art gallery for a look around. They have some amazing local artists here!

From here we headed on home. There was supposed to be a bonfire due to it being one of the hosts birthdays during the week, but it was a bit rainy so that didn’t eventuate. We lounged around the accommodation for dinner as a bit tired, then dinner was these amazing arepas, and unsurprisingly it was early to bed for us.

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