Day 259 | St Lucia | Marigot Bay | Roughing the Seas

Time to pack up again! We took our time this morning getting everything packed as we still needed to do some organising for our trip to St Lucia. Eventually we were all sorted and we headed into town. On the way we gave some locals a lift – this is just the thing you do in some of these less populated islands.

Yesterday when we were at the Old Mill we really liked this one artists work – OMtNI and we found out that he has a studio in a village call Massacre so we drove past to check it out. Unfortunately his studio is still being built, however he did invite us in and showed us a couple of large wood pieces that he had, they were incredible!

We then headed into town to the Loft Art & Cafe where we checked out the art there as well as grabbing some lunch. We sat outside here and as it was right on the water we were able to watch the show that a big group of pelicans were putting on for us constantly diving into the water for fish.

After lunch we headed for a little bit of a drive around and ended up in the botanical garden. Here they had this bus that had been squashed by a tree, it was crazy! Apparently the tree fell on the bus during a storm and even though it had fallen it continued to grow. It was pretty cool.


Crushed bus


Cool tree in the botanical garden

Then it was time that we had to go and drop off our car. We are catching the ferry from Dominica to St Lucia, so while we were waiting for our ferry to leave we called over to Cocorico Cafe for a drink. We didn’t hang around too long as it was crazy expensive and the staff were really rude.

Finally time to board the ferry, the ferry travelled from Dominica to Martinique before finally our stop into St Lucia. The start of the journey was really rough and so I was not feeling too well at all. Thankfully it did calm down. We finally arrived into St Lucia just before 10pm where we got a taxi to the airport as we had organised a hire car, only to arrive to a closed airport 😦 so we had to get the taxi to drop us all the way to our accommodation at JJ’s Paradise where sorting out a car will have to be tomorrow’s problem.

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