Day 262 | Grenada | Saint George | Three Small Islands, Three Big Hikes

Our initial plan was to hike up Gros Piton yesterday, however as it was raining all day that obviously didn’t happen, so this morning we got up early so that we could do it today before our flight.


These cheeky guys were super friendly at breakfast




As you do, just chilling on my water glass

We blitzed it! Well…kind of, it took us 2 hours and 50 minutes total time (2h25m actual hiking time). About half way up we got another good view of Petit Piton which I think was the highlight. The view from the top was pretty but not as impressive.


Getting ready to go


Pretty Petit Piton


View from the top

As it had been raining so much the hike was crazy hot and humid, we were absolutely dripping with sweat on the way up. We had a great time chatting away to our guide, Shane (for this hike you have to have a guide). The climb down was obviously much easier. As we have now done 3 hikes in the last week we are definitely feeling our fitness levels are elevated which is a really good feeling.


That’s what we hiked!

From here we bolted back to our hotel so we could have a quick shower before we had to check out. We drove straight to the airport as we had to hand the car back. After checking into our flight we ate some lunch across the road from the airport.


Cocoa beans out drying at the plantation

Finally it was time for take-off. Our flight stopped in Barbados for a couple of hours and then it was onto Grenada. We didn’t get in until late so it was straight off to our AirBnB. Super awesome dinner again – cereal for me and cup of noodles for Anthony.

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