Day 264 | Grenada | Saint George | Bucket Listing

After a relaxing morning, we headed out to Happy Hill which is where the underwater sculpture park is. This place is one that has been on my bucket list from pretty early on in the planning and discussions for this trip.

To get there we caught the bus and then wandered down to Dragon Bay. From here we did have the option of catching a boat around to the next bay over where the actual sculptures were but we didn’t want to pay the money so we managed to tackle all the rocks and sea urchins to get there.

It was AMAZING! There were a couple of tour groups of people in the water so that was good pointers for us as to where to find some of the sculptures are. We saw quite a few different ones. We aren’t sure how many are actually down there as know that there has been some damage to them over the years from storms etc. We only wish we had fins to be able to get down to them a little easier.


Weird statue


Diving down


Closer up


Playing in the circle


This guy was my favourite


Awesome growth


Happy mask faces

We took a quick walk through St George on our way back in the bus. Our wanderings took us up to the fort in town where we just sat and admired the view for awhile.

Back at our house we had leftover rice (the other part of dinner last night) which we added a few things to, to make less bland!


Sunsets on our balcony

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