Day 266 | Grenada | Saint George | Island Touring

Hiring a car in Grenada would have been an absolute nightmare as it is super expensive and then you have to pay to get a license in the country etc etc, so instead, we decided to take Kevon (who was kind of like the caretaker of the AirBnB) up on the offer to take us on a bit of a tour around the island.

Our first stop was Annandale Falls. To be honest, similar to beaches, we are getting harder to please these days as we have seen so many amazing beaches and waterfalls, so to us Annandale Falls wasn’t the most exciting waterfall, but it was still pretty. From here we stopped into Etang Lake, which was a really big lake in the middle of the island and apparently a place that has a lot of walking trails around it.


Annandale Falls


An old runway with these cool broken down planes

One thing we had really wanted to see was Belmont Estate, but unfortunately it was closed today, being a Saturday, as it is owned by Seventh-Day Adventists. We headed on to River Rum Distillery, also closed for the same reason 😦 . Luckily though we were still able to have a look around as there were guys there working away. They even gave us a sample of their rum and at 76% it packed a punch.


Distillery processes


Water wheel at the factory


Mixing it up


Beautiful distillery buildings

From here it was up to Bathway Beach, being the Atlantic side of the island it was a little rough, up to another lake and then Leapers Hill.


Bathway Beach, not the most inviting

We were hoping to be able to see a Nutmeg factory but again it was closed, so before calling it a day we stopped off to get some lunch on the side of the road. Which was a garlic spud, some ribs and jerk chicken.


This is how they BBQ in the Caribbean



We were then dropped off to our new hotel, which was a little closer to the airport, easier with our super early flight tomorrow. First thing we did was walk down to the airport, just to see how far it really was and ensure we could do it with our packs tomorrow. On the way back we had a beer at the Beach House Restaurant which was a little bit fancy pants.

Back at our room we made an amazing dinner which started out with an entree of scrambled eggs in a mug, followed by mains of cereal complete with powdered milk, finished off with a dessert of mangoes picked up off the side of the road – we are living the life 😉





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