Day 270 | Mexico | Cancun | Underwater Sculptures Take 2

This morning we had to change our accommodation before heading off for the day. We moved to another AirBnB as our current one was booked out. Then we were off!

We caught the bus down to the Dive Centre where we did an ‘intro’ dive session in the pool, as Anthony doesn’t have his dive ticket and it has been so long since I have been on a dive.  Then it was out on the boat. The sea was so rough and there was water spilling over into the boat and everyone and everything got saturated!


Hanging out before our dive

Our first dive was in the underwater sculpture museum, similar to the one we went to in Grenada but is much bigger. As the sculptures were so far apart we only got to see perhaps 8 different sculptures, so we were a little disappointed as we had heard there are around 400 sculptures in the waters here, my mask was half fogged up and then our GoPro – whilst waterproof to the level we were at the pressure meant it didn’t work! Doh! HOWEVER…the sculptures that we did see were pretty incredible!! There was a mass group of people statues and being able to go close up to them was amazing.


About as good as the GoPro got on the first dive as the pressure indented the capture button :-/

For the second dive we went down to a reef which was a much better dive for me. I felt so much calmer and my mask wasn’t fogged up so I could enjoy it a lot more. There were some amazing large schools of fish, and right near the end we saw a turtle who was unfazed by us. Luckily for us the dive instructor had a GoPro and he took some photos for us on the second dive.


Big schools


Hard to look elegant posing for a photo underwater




Oh hey there Mr Turtle


Swimming together

Back on the boat it was time to head back to shore. The seas again were so rough and then rain started, then thunder and then lightening it was crazy!! It was getting really cold so we were scooping up ocean water to pour over ourselves as it was so much warmer.

Finally the rain stopped enough for us to be able to run out to the bus, but of course it started up once again when we got to our stop so we were saturated by the time we got home. Back at the house we showered and dried off.

For dinner tonight we headed our to PikNik and indulged in our first Margaritas for Mexico. Then post dinner we had a couple of beers at La ResSabrosa before heading on home.


Yay for Margaritas

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