Day 281 | Mexico | Valladolid | Sleep-Go-Sleep

We had a big fat sleep in this morning. Well, Anthony did, more to the point – 34 hours of travel will do that to a person! LOL!

By the time we did eventually make it out of our room it was time for lunch so we headed out to Yerbabuena for a nice cruisy lunch. Towards the end of lunch the rain started in. There was enough of a gap in the rain for us to head on over to Convento de San Bernardino de Siena ie the convent for a bit of a nosey around. It was very beautiful. There was a heap of information about the cenote on the grounds which had only been excavated in recent years with some old guns and other items being discovered.


Inside the convent


Just a glimpse of the beautiful grounds

Back at the house we rested for a bit, or in Anthony’s case a lot and as he had an afternoon siesta. After he woke up we then headed into the main part of the city (Parque Francisco Canton) for a bit of a look around and all the shops along the way.


Cathedral of San Gervasio at the main square

We then headed to Cafeina for a couple of beers and then we headed back to the convent where they have a video presentation of the history of Valladolid, it was so beautiful and done so well.


The presentation on the convent

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