Day 283 | Mexico | Valladolid | Ek Balam

We had a chill out this morning before heading out and onto a bus to Ek Balam, another set of ruins. This one isn’t as crazy busy as Chichen Itza yesterday so we weren’t in as much of a rush to get there.

Ek Balam was beautiful and as previously mentioned, a lot less touristy so we only shared the place with a handful of others. Here you can actually climb all over the ruins – I’m still undecided if this is a good or a bad thing.


The site


From up higher


Chilling at the top of one ruin


The big staircase up

We then sat for ages whiles Anthony tried to photograph the elusive MotMot bird, as he has been wanting to do ever since I told him about them. He had tried a couple of times however, it seemed that whenever he got out his big lens they would fly away.


I played with the butterflies while Anthony was bird hunting


Getting the elusive photograph

Then it was onto the main structure in the group, where from the top you are apparently able to see Chichen Itza and Coba ruins. I’m not 100%, but…maybe!


Climbing the big one, these steps were super steep


View from the top (notice the crazy rain storm rolling on in?)


Dorks at the top


The jaguar temple

Then the rain started on in. Thankfully we had seen almost everything. We hid out in one of the ruins for a little bit while the rain stopped, then headed on back to the entrance to catch the bus home. Back in Valladolid the rain was bucketing down so we decided to catch a taxi home.


Flooded streets from all the rain

Back at the house we sat drinking coffee with Sara & Mauricio. The rain just didn’t let up. Eventually we headed out for some tacos at Taqueria El Paisa, which was a local hole in the wall taco place. Soooo….good!


Taco awesomeness

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