Day 284 | Mexico | Valladolid | Folk Art Galore

This morning we headed out to Casa de los Venados in the centre of town.  This place is an amazing old hacienda that an American couple spent about 8 years restoring. It’s not a museum as such as it is their house, however, they are avid Mexican Folk Art collectors and the collection they have is incredible. The man started the collection back in the 60s. Can’t say I thought much of him, however the Mexican Folk Art was really beautiful and they had so many pieces there were pieces just everywhere.


Entrance decorations


Sculpture in one of the bedrooms


More sculptures


Loved this mask


Cool painting


Frieda, but of course


Crazy poker table – check out the heads on the tops of the chairs even!


Of course, more skulls

From here we caught a cab out of town to buy ourselves a hammock from the local prison. The Yucatan is known for hammocks, and there is no license plate making for these prisoners, it is all about hammocks!

Then it was onto Cenote Oxman. This was a pretty incredible cenote, it was so deep from ground level, with so many vines growing down into it and all topped off with a rope swing! LOL! We did a few rope swings and hung out in the water for a bit before getting a bit cold so we jumped out. Is amazing how cold cold cold the water in these cenotes get!


The beautiful cenote

Being that the place was a little out of the way, we decided to walk back into town, which was around 3 or so kms, so a pretty decent hike! After resting for a little bit, we then wandered back into town to have a little look through some of the shops, which we thought were galleries, but actually were not. On our way we stumbled across a ceramic mosaic fountain at La Casona de Valladolid which was incredible.


Beautiful ceramic fountain

For dinner, we went for a big walk in search of another local place to eat, however they all seemed to be close, so we eventually gave up and ended up back at the same place we ate last night because it was so good. Was much better this time around though, as we knew what and how to order. We had established that the thing you do is order meat by the kg, and they give you all the tortillas and other condiments to go with it. It was awesome, we pretty much rolled ourselves home.

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