Day 285 | Mexico | Merida | Where Exactly Are We Going Anyway?

There was a lot of messing around this morning. Initial plans were we were going to head to Isla Holbox to see the whale sharks, then we found out that they don’t actually hang out around that area these days, they are nearer to Isla Mujeres. We were all planned therefore, to head to Isla Mujeres, however, due to the crazy weather lately the ports have been closed, so it would be unlikely that we would be able to head out anytime in the next couple of days.

After some rearranging of AirBnb bookings, we decided to head to Merida instead. We spent most of the morning and early afternoon sorting everything out and also just chatting away to Sara. We really do love it here in Valladolid and hanging out with these guys, so it really is sad to leave.

As we were hanging around so long, Sara gave us some tamales to have for lunch that she had brought. They were so good!

Finally it was time, we actually had to leave. We had a 2.5 hour bus ride ahead of us, and by the time we actually got into Merida it was around 7pm. We had a decent walk from the bus station to the hostel we were staying at, gave our legs a good run for their money.

Once settled, we then headed out for some dinner, and ended up deciding on Los Trompos Centro 59 which was tasty.

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