Day 287 | Mexico | Merida | There’s Always One Who Ruins it for Everyone!

After a terrible breakfast yesterday, we couldn’t face it again today, so we headed over to Opia Kitchen & Coffee for a tasty bagel and coffee. Breakfast done, we headed down to the bus station and headed out to Uxmal.


Awesome mural painted at breakfast

We left a little late, and then it was a 2 hour bus ride to get there, however, we amused ourselves by reading along the way. Hopping off the bus and walking down the path and into the ruins we purchased our tickets…then I realised…my wallet wasn’t in my bag…it must have fallen out in the bus. *SIGH*

As you can imagine, my stomach dropped out through my feet and I went into mild panic attack mode!! We then proceeded to bolt around trying to find a taxi or someone to take us on a crazy journey to try and chase down a bus!!! There was not a taxi to be found, however, after some negotiating we ended up convincing a guy who worked at the ruins to drive us as he owned a car. It took 45 anxious minutes but HOORAH!!! We had caught up to the bus. Stage one down, it was now all fingers and toes crossed that it was still on the bus, and thankfully it was! OMG what a relief. The drive back to Uxmal, was somewhat more relaxed. Our driver stopped at the border (oh yeah, because we had to cross a state line to hunt down the bus) as he wanted to take some photos, it was here that he then informed us it was actually his birthday and when he rescued us he was actually knocking off work to go and spend the rest of the day with his family! OMG what a sweet guy, and how bad do we feel!!!


Celebrating with our awesome driver at the border

By the time we got back, thankfully we still had a bit of time before the place closed to do an express tour around the ruins. It was a shame as they really were beautiful ruins so it would have been good to spend a lot more time here. However, we thankfully did have enough time to see most of the place.


The amazing main temple – Anthony in front giving some scale to it!


Back view


Inside all these rooms were piles and piles of stones that are the ruins of various other buildings around the place


Beautiful big courtyard


Looking back on the enormity of the structures

Pretty much on closing we had to race out the door so that we wouldn’t miss our bus home. Turns out our urgency wasn’t required as the bus terminal in Merida had given us the wrong time and we actually had about an hour or so to wait! LOL!

Back in town after freshening up at the hostel, we headed out to dinner at La Chaya Maya. Here we were able to sample some of the food local to the region, basically alternate versions of tacos.

Post dinner we did a big walk up to Walmart for some supplies and then onto Monumento a La Patria to check it out. The sculpture takes on a lot of Mayan graphics as well as documenting significant points in the history of Mexico, and more specifically the Yucatan history. It was heading towards midnight by this time, so definitely time to head home to bed!


The front of the sculpture

2 thoughts on “Day 287 | Mexico | Merida | There’s Always One Who Ruins it for Everyone!

  1. I went to the Yucatan peninsula last August and fall in love for the region , the people, the food and the colours are stunning and has such a rich and interesting history. Really enjoyed reading your post, sounds that you also had lots of fun šŸ™‚ Ana xx


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