Day 288 | Mexico | Isla Mujeres | Getting from A to B

It was take 2 for the hostel breakfast this morning, before getting ourselves all packed up and ready to go. I still surprise myself how in only a couple of days, with so few things, we can make such a mess of a place with stuff strewn everywhere! Though must admit think have kinda got the packing thing down pat!!

There is a big market in the town square on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, so we wandered down to check it all out. Bit disappointed that it wasn’t really as good as we thought it would be with mostly mass produced items for sale. However, they did have the street closed off and there were all levels/ages of people performing some traditional dancing which was pretty awesome to see.

We headed back to La Negrita again to have some lunch. This time we were seated closer to the bar and got to see first had the free pour of tequila that goes into the margaritas – no wonder we were quite jovial they other night! LOL!

Then it was back to the hostel to collect up our things and walk to the bus station. Then we had the 4+ hour bus trip back to Cancun, then a taxi to the ferry terminal, then the ferry over to Isla Mujeres, then a taxi to our AirBnb – phew!! Travel can be so exhausting!

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