Day 292 | Mexico | Mexico City | Frida…Enough Said

After the movie last night, we were all prepped to go and visit the Frida museum. So glad that we had read reviews that advised that we should buy our tickets early as the line was almost around the block, whereas, we got to walk straight in.

The museum was a lot better than I had expected it to be and we spent a lot longer than I thought we would. The place was full of photos and just some of her artwork. She really didn’t do a lot of art pieces in the scheme of things and we learnt that Madonna brought one around the 2000’s for $1mill USD, and then the latest one to sell was for $5.6mill USD!! Definitely need a lot of spare coin to invest in one of her pieces!!

The museum though was very thorough and went through her entire life. Towards the end we sat for about an hour watching a documentary about her and her life. Definitely a full bottle on her now, but definitely an enjoyable museum.


Just one of a few awesome photos of her


Her studio towards the end of her life when she was wheelchair bound


“Feet, what do I need them for If I have wings to fly.” (Artwork after having to have part of her leg amputated)


Style crushing


More style loving


Loved these lyrics/poem


The iconic blue house

After coming out of the museum we wandered down to Coyoacan Market, which was a local food market primarily with a few other bits and pieces and touristy items to see. Whilst there we had some corn on the cob outside (not as good as we hoped unfortunately) and then inside we grabbed ourselves a tostada for lunch.


Corn, corn, corn


Awesome fruits


Beautiful flowers

From here it was back around our hood where we grabbed a couple of beers at La Llorona where they served us up some complimentary tapas to go with each beer we chose. First up was some tacos with grasshoppers…..ewww….but still we had to try it. Think super salty and crunchy! LOL!


Cool artwork in our travels


Grasshopper tacos

Then it was onto La Clandestina to try out some mezcals. We got 3 different ones to share and taste. They definitely vary a lot in palate. Good to try but don’t think it will be the drink of choice going forward. Then home for some leftovers for dinner.


Mezcal menus


These are massive bottles full of mezcal


More artwork on the way home

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