Day 293 | Mexico | Mexico City | Ancient Worlds

This morning before anything, we had to check out of our current accommodation, we wanted to stay at our AirBnb for a couple more days, but unfortunately it was already booked. Thankfully we were only just down the road at Hotel MX Roma, so we got to drop off our bags before heading into the city.

Today’s excursion was into Templo Mayor my goodness, this place is intense!! This was a relatively new find (for the most part), being an ancient temple and such that was discovered by accident by some council workers in 1978 and from then it was dug up, restored, investigated etc. The site is quite large and we could even see workers today doing restorations here. This was one of those examples where civilisations built on-top of civilisations and we were able to see drainage pipes of the Spaniards who had modified the ancient city to make it liveable.


The Spaniards drainage pipes


Statues amongst the ruins


Sculptures and script about the site

Aside from just the ruins, inside, there is also a massive museum (6 levels) of all the artefacts found here, plus history about the place. It was a bit of an information overload situation. To begin they talked about the restoration work and how they have done studies into the colours that would have been used on statues and buildings back in the time and how in the past they had gotten it wrong, and the colours used were actually simpler than first expected, which was pretty interesting.


Awesome sculpture work


Of course, more skull sculptures


This is actually a massive piece that is maybe 2 metres in diameter that you can view from one of the upper floors – also one of the pieces where they did the extensive colour studies

There were also glass cubes that held in them ‘offerings’ ie boxes and caverns found around the site that held random collections of things such as skulls, animal bones, ceramics, shells, beads and a variety of other different things. My goodness, there was so much, also there was information about the animals and bones found here, the agriculture of the time, artefacts from Aztec times and then later from the Spaniards. As previously said it was intense but so, so interesting, our brains did hurt a little towards the end though! LOL!


One of the offerings with feline bones


Amazing tiles from the Spaniards

From here we went and grabbed a torta for lunch at La Torta Brava while we digested all the information we had just consumed. Now time for art….we headed up to the Palacio Nacional where some of Diego Rivera’s famous murals are. Another incredibly amazing site!! There were just panels and panels of murals depicting the history of Mexico. As well as this, there was other rooms we could go into with history on Mexico with photographs, artwork, and other political documents.


Close up of the mural – don’t mind the severed arm?!?


One of the smaller panels


Because this was pretty scenery inside also

Then in continuing our wandering and up Torre Latinoamericana for views over the city, then we continued onto Calle Regina where there were a whole heap of bars, which, being a Friday night was pretty pumping. We sat down at La Taberna Marinera for a couple of litre mugs of beers because apparently that’s what you do in Mexico City!


View of Palacio de Bellas Artes


Pretty umbrellas in China Town

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