Day 294 | Mexico | Mexico City | An Arty, Arty Day

Every Saturday in Mexico City they have the ‘Sabado Bazaar‘ so it was our mission today to go and check this out. We were thinking it would be more of a general market, however in a few of the parks in the area they had a heap of local artists selling their artwork. It was amazing! It is probably clear by now that we are loving checking out the art wherever we go and we are managing to pick ourselves up some amazing pieces along the way. This market was no different.


Street Art


The same piece as above but wrapped around the corner

This was basically our whole day, wandering through the art market in the various parks and also checking out the other items for sale in the actual market places. It was awesome. For lunch we headed a little away from all the action as it was surrounded by upmarket restaurants. We instead headed down the road and found ourselves a street vendor selling gorditas. Oh my…so good! Why eat in a restaurant when the food you can get on the street is simply amazing!

Our quest for street food continued tonight when we also grabbed ourselves some tacos from a guy with a little hut at the corner on our street. OH MY GOD – seriously the best tacos ever!!!

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