Day 295 | Mexico | Mexico City | Teotihuacan

This morning it was up early to catch 3 train lines and then onto the bus headed for Teotihuacan. There is nothing quite like a guy in official uniform hopping onto our bus with a video camera taking a close up video of every person on the bus to make us feel safe….NOT! No idea what this was for, but can only gather it is not a good thing, especially when we have heard about buses being hijacked in Mexico!!

Anyway, we did manage to make it there safe and sound, so nothing to worry about! LOL!

The place is incredible and so large!! There were various sections that you could walk around, the first being a large plaza surrounded by the most amazingly perfect platforms.


Perfect platforms and steps


Serpents emerging from flowers among other things


This stone work is impeccable

Then we continued onto the Pyramid of the Sun. The most amazingly large structure which you can climb to the top of. Once at the top we just sat for ages just looking down on the view all around and more specifically the Pyramid of the Moon.


Pyramid of the Sun


View of the Pyramid of the Moon from the Pyramid of the Sun

Then we continued on our way up to the Pyramid of the Moon. This one you can only climb part of the way up, but still a beautiful view. There are so many platforms and stairs of varying sizes. Some you can climb, others you can’t. It amazing to see behind those structures that are preserved, that there are heap more behind them that are still covered in grass and yet to be uncovered.


So many more people at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun when we climbed down


So many well preserved steps everywhere


Pyramid of the Moon from of the platforms surrounding it


View of the Pyramid of the Sun from the Pyramid of the Moon

Wandering back there is another section you can walk into that still has some of the original art and paint work which was pretty cool. We stopped for a moment on the way back in about 30 centimetres of shade against one of the structures to eat our lunch – a straight up Australian lunch of Vegemite sandwiches! LOL!


Some of the original paintwork – this one is a jaguar


So many prickly pear cactuses


Inside a cactus flower managed to by chance capture a bee inside

Then it was time to head on out. We had the bus ride and then our 3 train lines to get ourselves home again. After a bit of a rest we headed out for more street tacos. Unfortunately, being a Sunday, our favourite man on the corner wasn’t open, so we had to suffice with Taqueria La Ventanita which was next door to us. Still good, but not as good as the man on the corner!!

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