Day 296 | Mexico | Mexico City | The Things You Make Your Husband Do

This morning we had a big fat sleep in – but up in time to get free breakfast though, of course!! Then…I made Anthony cut my hair because the ends were completely destroyed from when I thought bleaching my hair myself to dye it purple was a good idea! It was very amusing and I’m not sure which of us was more scared!! But, in the end I think he did a pretty good job (even if I did have to put up with his ‘hairdresser’ voice and ‘hairdresser’ conversation *sigh*)!


Would you trust this face?


Hairdressing improvisation in the shower


The end result

We then headed out, stopping for a couple of street tacos on the way for lunch. Seriously, there is a taco man on almost every corner and they are all pretty good! Our destination was La Ciudadela Market where we did a little bit of shopping for some amazing Mexicano items. Seriously, I’m becoming obsessed with all things Mexican. The colour and the style is amazing!

After spending a sufficient amount of time at the market, we headed home via the Angel of Independence statue which actually serves as a mausoleum for the ‘heroes of the Mexican independence’. Unfortunately we didn’t really get to take in the sculpture to it’s full extent as it was starting to get dark and more so started bucketing with rain!!


The top of the statue

Once home, of course, we indulged in more tacos from the man on the corner because he was actually open today, and you know what….they were just as awesome as we remembered!!


The awesome taco man on the corner

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