Day 297 | Mexico | San Miguel de Allende | Luxury Buses

Before leaving the city today we had to do a big run around to get to a post office. After about a 20 minute walk to the post office they told us that they couldn’t actually send our package there we would have to go into the centre of town *sigh*, there goes our hopes of getting an early bus. Nonetheless, we were able to get our packages off, after dealing with a number of very inefficient postal workers – just crossing all our fingers and toes this is not signs of what is to come and our packages not arriving!! LOL!

Eventually we were done and raced back to check out of our hotel and caught an Uber to the bus station (after going on the train to the bus station on Sunday, there was no way we were up for attempting the trains with our heavy packs and three train lines – that would have spelt trouble!!). We arrived at the bus station safe and sound and got our tickets to San Miguel de Allende – seriously ETN, the bus service, it the FANCIEST bus I have ever been on. They had tv screens (not that I could watch as all in Spanish), large chairs that recline with all the space to stretch out, and more importantly, they didn’t video all the passengers on the bus before leaving! LOL!

Once we arrived into San Miguel it was dark, we settled ourselves into our AirBnb and then headed out to the grocery store to get some fruit for dinner. We ended up doing a quick walk into town for a wander and then stopping into La Choperia for a beer because seriously, our AirBnb is an American lady and she is FULL ON, so we thought a little breather before heading back would be good!


Sneaking away for a sneaky beer


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