Day 301 | Mexico | Guadalajara | Soaking in Those Colourful Streets

This morning the host of our AirBnb – Lupita made us breakfast. So sweet of her. It was really nice being able to sit down and just have a nice relaxing breakfast and a good chat. Her and I seemed to be in a similar boat I could understand a lot of Spanish but not speak it, and she was vice-versa with English. So there was a whole lot of Spanglishing going on and Anthony was translator when neither could understand! Ha ha!

Then we went out for our last little wander through the town. Anthony had gotten up at sunrise this morning to go out photo taking and had spotted a few awesome places he wanted to show me, so we went for a wander through the city, soaking it all in before we had to leave. Stopping for an ice-cream before we left also, of course!


So much colour in one street


This little guy was hilarious, his name is Lucas


The other view up the street

Then it was back to the house to grab our things and in an Uber to the bus station. Once again we had the ultimate luxury of ETN so the long bus ride didn’t seem long at all. Once into Guadalajara, we caught an Uber to our new AirBnb. I don’t know where to even start with this AirBnb…it looked pretty except the room we were staying in had a smashed window, which we were told not to worry about, and also they leave all the doors open, so some pretty awesome security – NOT! We then went out to the taco man on the corner to grab some dinner, and then to the grocery store, so we locked the door to our bedroom, only to find out when we got back there is no key to the bedroom *sigh*. It was all good and we ended up getting back into our room, but really not the ideal situation.

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