Day 302 | Mexico | Guadalajara | We Miss Your Tacos Mexico City

Today was one of those days where we woke up late and weren’t really too motivated to get anywhere fast, so we stayed in for a bit doing a bit of planning for our next few days. Eventually we did venture out to the Tonala market. This place was nuts. It just went on and on and on, we were told it goes down about 15 blocks. We found it to be more a locals market though, and not really anything that we were interested in, but still it was fascinating to check it all out. After we had had enough wandering we sat down for some tacos for lunch, super disappointing. Honestly, since Mexico City they have never been as good, but these were just the worst! Bleh!

We then decided to leave and catch the bus into town. At the bus stop we got chatting to this super drunk guy who seriously would not stop rambling then he pulled out a lucha libre mask and just wanted us to take his photo, so, of course we did. Then just before our bus came we realised he was a window washer and this was his pull to get more business!! hahaha!


Would you let this guy wash your windows?

Downtown we wandered through the town area, went into a beautiful old church and basically just took in the sites before stopping for a couple of drinks in the square outside the church.


Catedral de Guadalajara

Then we wandered on home and had a super exciting cheese and tomato on toast for dinner 🙂

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