Day 306 | Mexico | Oaxaca | Did Someone Say Culture?

After our pretty restful day yesterday, we were ready to hit the ground running today. Our first stop of the day was Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca which gave a very thorough look at the culture of the Oaxaca region. The museum itself is housed inside an old convent, which was an absolutely stunning building in its own right.


The entering plaza of the convent

This place was crazy, and a little full on. Upon entering, we weren’t expecting the place to be that big but my, my, it just went on, and on, and on. Making it even more confusing was the fact that there were corridors everywhere, looking back now at the Google maps view, I can understand why we were so confused. There were multiple squares of buildings around central plazas all joined together.

Anyway, the culture. The museum housed such a vast array of artifacts dating from Mayan time up to ‘relatively’ recent history. There were rooms dedicated to all sorts of things such as leather work, ceramics, cooking etc etc etc. Definitely very interesting if all a little mind boggling.


Initially we could not place where we knew this guy from but they realised he is on the ‘Dead Guy Ale’ label! LOL!


Amazing sculptures


Even more sculptures


Surely they won’t notice if I steal just one turquoise necklace? I mean, come-on they have lots!


This is an actual human skull covered in pieces of turquoise

About 3 hours we spent in the museum so we were pretty mentally exhausted by the end. What better way to ward off the tiredness than with an ice-cream because #anthony. So we stopped into Manolo Nieves for a tasty snack.


The Oaxaca sign outside the Templo de Santo Domingo – the 2 arches to the left is the entrance to the convent/Culture Museum

We then wandered some of the back streets to check out some art galleries. There is an awesome collection of galleries/shops that all seem to fall under the one banner Taller de Grafica Experimental de Oaxaca that all do linograph type art. They have several projects where they encourage young people to come in and create art.


Street art in our travels

After heading back to our accommodation to do a couple of things we headed out to the streets again. We were pretty hungry by this stage so decided to grab something to eat when we stumbled across Roy’s Tacos – oh my, we will be forever thankful to this guy for making some amazing tacos that have restored our faith that you can get some decent tacos outside of Mexico City.


A beer at lunch to toast Benny Boy on his big birthday numero dos

We were then trying to wander and find some street art around town. Everything we had read was that Oaxaca is an amazing street art town. I had found a map/google overlay that showed us where some street art was so we went in search of it. Unfortunately we weren’t able to find too much and most places where there was supposedly street art we noticed had a fresh lick of paint on the whole building or just a small patch showing that perhaps residents have not appreciated said street art as much as we would have!!


Better images of Templo de Santo Domingo in our travels


Just some of the limited street art still in tact


Another piece that was up an alley covered in street art, about all that has seems to really have survived

Then it was back to the hotel for a bit of a rest up before heading out again to La Santísima Flor de Lúpulo for a couple of beers as this is the local craft brewer in the town.

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