Day 308 | Mexico | Oaxaca | A Taste of Oaxaca

This morning was a bit of a lazy start, plus we also had to pack everything up and move. We wanted to stay a couple of extra nights than what we had originally booked, however due to all the festivals that are on this weekend, the place we were staying was booked out. We pretty much took our time and waited for the last minute before checking out, because we felt like it and also because we had booked a new AirBnb and we couldn’t check in until a little later.


More street art around the place

Once checked in we wandered out to the streets for a little bit. We ended up down at the Mercado 20 de Noviembre. This place was crazy, there was so much going on with food places everywhere all vying for our attention. We finally settled on a place that had a Oaxaca platter so we could have a taste of all the local foods, some which we have become familiar with now and some new ones. The plate had the fresh cheese, the Oaxaca string cheese, a couple of different times of mole (it is the festival of the 7 moles at the moment!!) and various other items.


Our view at lunch (That’s chorizo, bistec, queso fresca, quesillo, tamales, tortillas)

After our late lunch, we headed back up to our room for a bit, trying to organise ourselves a bit.


Street art in our travels


More street art

Then we headed back out again to check out the Mezcal festival that was on. The place was packed!! There were so many people jammed in here and it was hard to know what the go was. Basically we paid 40 pesos (around $3 AUD) to get ourselves in the door and there were people giving away samples of Mezcal, others were charging it was pretty much chaos. Being the cheapskates that we are, we just wandered around hoping people would offer us the free samples.


Just one of many stalls

In the end we gave up a bit and brought ourselves a Mezcal cocktail. Went around again for some more free samples, then decided to buy a teeny tiny bottle of Mezcal to share whilst we listened to the music that they had playing.


Our tiny bottle

Then we grabbed a bite to eat, and tried tlayudas for the first time. These are basically a big tortilla filled with refried bean paste and Oaxaca cheese – so simple, yet so amazing!! Then it was time to call it a night.


Busy making tlayudas




Why not hug the extra large bottle of mezcal


These were everywhere on our way out – so pretty

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