Day 309 | Mexico | Oaxaca | Stamp On

After breakfast at our AirBnb this morning we headed out and about again. It might seem a little odd, but our first destination was the Mueso de la Filatelia Oaxaca (ie the Stamp Collecting Museum).


On our walk to the museum

The place was pretty cool. Apparently this one guy loved everything postal so had pulled together his private collection and then made it into a free museum. There were so many stamps – there was one room with drawers that you could pull out to look at them all – they were categorised and everything. Then the rest of the place was different rooms dedicated to one theme ie ocean, music, coffee etc. We enjoyed it as something a little bit different to do.


Stamps on Frida – of course


One of Frida’s letters to her doctor sealed with a kiss


Stamps for the dresses of Mexico




Even a guitar covered in stamps!!


Woohoo! Even an Australian stamp


Pretty lily in the Museo

When we finished up we wandered around for a little bit before heading out to one of the big market stalls set up for the festivals to grab some lunch. We decided to try the tlayudas again. They were good, but definitely not as good as the ones that we tried last night.


The food stalls


Food at the market

Then we wandered around trying to get some snacks for our big bus ride ahead tonight. On our way back to the AirBnb we were lucky enough to catch some of the dancing in the street as the festival parade (one of many) ventured up a street near us. They have different groups who all perform dances from their regions.


Cool art in the street


Just some of the dancers in the festival parade

Then it was time to go and tidy up and grab our things and wander up to the bus station. Tonight we are headed on a 10 hour journey from Oaxaca to San Cristobal de la Casas. Unfortunately the ADO buses don’t quite compare to the ETN buses which was a shame given our long journey!


More art spotted on our walk to the bus station

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