Day 310 | Mexico | San Cristobal de la Casas | Market, Rain, Relax

Our bus arrived into San Cristobal de la Casas around 8am. I feel that I slept a little better than I was expecting on the bus, but let’s be honest it was never going to be great.

Loaded up with our packs, we then walked the half hour or so to our hostel. When we arrived we were able to help ourselves to some breakfast which was nice. They had the most amazing bread and scrambled eggs!! (One of the big things we miss from home is good bread!! Drooling just thinking about it!!)


Art spotted on the walk to our hostel

Due to the early hour, we weren’t able to check into our room, however we were able to store our bags so after eating some breakfast, we ventured out and about to see the town. First stop was walking up a series of steps to Iglesia De Guadalupe. Then we wandered down into town checking out a few cool shops along the way, grabbing a crappy coffee wrapped in a good looking coffee cup :-/


View from the top

We then checked out Catedral de San Cristobal (from the outside), it was a very pretty church. From here it was up to the big market in the town.


More art on our walks


The church

There were so many stalls at the market and we got lost just wandering through it all. In the end we stayed here longer than planned as it started to pour with rain. Eventually we gave up and headed out into it and back to our hostel as we were now able to check in. Once checked in we crashed. Anthony kindly headed out to grab us a super healthy lunch of instant noodles and we just relaxed in our room as our long journey finally caught up with us. Given the rain, it was perfect timing.


So much colour in the market


Cute toys


Poms for days

Eventually it was about dinner time so we headed on out to grab something to eat. There is a big tourist strip through the centre of town, however we wanted to steer clear of this and chose to eat somewhere a little more local. Eventually we found a little taqueria so we grabbed ourselves a few tacos which weren’t too bad so we were happy.

Back at the hostel we ended up sitting outside chatting away to a couple of English guys for a few hours before finally calling it a night.

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