Day 311 | Mexico | Chetumal | Back on the Bus

This morning after breakfast we had to get ourselves packed up once again. Then we left our bags and went out for a wander. We stopped into one shop and got chatting to one guy who lives here but is from Austin, Texas for ages. He talked about the town and the art in the town, at one point I didn’t think he was going to let us leave! LOL! But seriously, was actually really interesting talking to him.

Then it was a crazy time trying to run around and get some stuff posted. Don’t ask…there were problems, it took longer than expected but we got it done!

On the way back from the post office we stopped into a little local place for some lunch, and what is really our last proper meal in Mexico!!! I was a little disappointed with mine, I had mole but Anthony had tacos and he definitely won plate of the day!

Back at the hostel we did final organisations and got ourselves ready to walk the half hour or so back to the bus station to catch our bus. This one was going to be the shocker, this one was 16 hours!!!


We kept on walking past this to our hostel so eventually on the way to the bus took a photo of it!

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