Day 317 | Guatemala | Tikal | Crossing the Next Border

This morning we hopped up and went to Mike’s Kitchen for breakfast. This was another place that was recommended to us by a local, and is less of a touristy spot than others that we had marked down to check out. It was a nice big breakfast to get us going for the day. Then it was back to the hotel to pack up everything.

All packed we wandered down to the bus stop which took us to Benque Viejo Del Carmen, which is a small town just before the border. From here we had to catch a taxi to the border where we walked on through. On the other side it was a little crazy with all the taxi drivers trying to get our business to drive us straight up to Tikal where we were staying the night. They of course are trying to overcharge us and tell us that we are unable to get any collectivos there, however, thankfully due to our research we knew better. So we got ourselves to the collectivo station and caught a bus El Cruce where we had to flag down another to take us the rest of the way to Tikal.

We had to pay an entrance fee to get into the national park which was a little bit confusing but we got through the gate so that is the main thing for now. Then finally we got to check into our hotel and then ventured up to the park gate to see if we could go into the park tonight and still get in tomorrow using our passes – we couldn’t.

Back at our hotel we signed up to a package for dinner, breakfast and a morning tour of Tikal, which seems the thing to do. That sorted we went for a swim and chilled out for the rest of the day. Then it was a relatively early dinner/night as there is only power from 6-9pm due to it being a national park, good excuse to go to bed early given our sunrise tour tomorrow.

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