Day 318 | Guatemala | Flores | More Mayan Ruins

We rolled out of bed at 3.30am this morning to meet up for our sunrise tour at 4am. Apparently we needed another park pass for this, which we didn’t have in all the confusion of buying the passes, and then thinking that it was included within our hotel package. Thankfully the hotel had some which we were able to purchase.

Then we were on our way. Glad we had decided to stay in Tikal as it meant we only had a short walk over to the park gate. Our first stop on the tour was climbing to the top of Temple IV to wait for the sunrise. On our way it was awesome hearing all the howler monkeys calling out, they have such an extraordinary sound.

It wasn’t actually much of a sunrise as it was very misty, but it was incredible to hear the jungle just start up making noise as all the birds woke up and started singing and going crazy, the jungle just came alive.


Pre-dawn view


The sunrise


Tired but happy to be here

On the way back we had some more glorious views and sights to see of the ruins in the quiet, and little animals coming out to play. We also learnt that at Tikal they will only ever excavate and restore 50% of each structure. This makes it really interesting as you can see what it was like on discovery and also back in the Mayan time.

Walking back to the hotel for breakfast I folded and have taken the emergency antibiotics as still haven’t been feeling well. I guess this is why we have them 😉 Thankfully they did the trick and it wasn’t long before I was starting to feel better.


Some of the many ruins


A Coati


Gorgeous views of Temple IV


Fat little guy


The most vibrantly coloured centipede


Misty morning views


Sun coming up slowly


The back of the iconic Tikal temple

After having a shower and breakfast we relaxed for a little bit as we were quite tired from our early start. Then we headed back out to the ruins to explore some more on our own. We felt like we went on the road less travelled as we saw basically no one on our walk. At one point we saw all these spider monkeys swinging through the trees so we just sat and watched them for ages. Such hilarious animals as they seemed to be swinging around in circles and just playing in the trees.


Jungle ruins – behind this structure is where we saw all the spider monkeys swinging from the trees


Butterfly poses


Incredible face


The iconic Tikal temple front view


Obligatory selfie


Paths through the trees

Walking around it was so, so hot!!! We stopped at a little vendor to grab a coke and re-hydrate and get a sugar fix as we starting to feel woozy from the heat and humidity. Then after a little more wandering, we headed back to the hotel with enough time to sit with our feet in the pool before catching our shuttle for Flores.

In Flores we checked into our hostel then went out for a wander and grabbed a couple of beers and a snack at a local sports bar. As we were sitting there, one of the couples we met in San Ignacio walked past so they joined us for a drink also. Then it was back to the hostel to do some booking for tomorrow and then bed…soooo….tired….


The power lines were absolutely covered with birds!! (We learnt later than Flores used to be covered in trees but they have now been cleared, but the birds never left taking up residence on the power lines now instead of the trees)


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