Day 319 | Guatemala | Rio Dulce | Yet Another Bus Ride

It felt good this morning being able to wake up after a good night’s sleep. After breakfast at the hostel we went for a quick wander up to a lookout point on Flores before heading back to the hostel to pack up and check out.


Cute butterfly flapping away at the lookout

Then we wandered ourselves up to the bus station to catch a bus to Rio Dulce. This was a bit of a long bus ride, around 6 hours, starting to feel we are very accustomed to the long bus journeys and they don’t seem to bother us too much anymore.


Random owl on our walk to the bus

One we arrived into Rio Dulce we walked ourselves down to the wharf where we got picked up and taken to our hotel by boat. Once there we rested a little before grabbing some dinner at the hotel. We would have preferred to go back into town for dinner but it all seemed a little hard to get there from the hotel as the boats only run until 9pm, and you can’t walk there as there are gates that close. Is a bit weird and confusing. Anyway, is a good excuse for an early night.

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