Day 320 | Guatemala | Rio Dulce | Up River

This morning we wandered ourselves into town – gates were open and no problems getting through. First things first, was to book ourselves some tickets on the tourist collectivo boat that takes you up the river and back. As we had a bit of time before the ‘tour’ started, we grabbed ourselves a dodgy sandwich for breakfast while we waited.

Then onto the boat. It was pretty along the way. There was one point where there were all these water lilies growing which was pretty, and then another point with these big rocky cliff faces and jungle as we went around a big bend which was probably my favourite part of the trip.


Castillo de San Felipe de Lara – ie an old fort


Lonely bird hanging out in bushes in the middle of the river


Cute houses on the water


So many lilies

At the end of the river is a little town called Livingston where we got dropped off and were able to wander around for a couple of hours before the boat would leave back to Rio Dulce.

Livingston is a small little town with not too much going on, but it was still interesting to walk around. The town is mainly populated by the Garifuna people who are of African decent. We stopped into a little local place for some lunch, I won’t lie, it was a little dodgy. We have noticed so far that Guatemalans love themselves some fried chicken. My lunch was this with chips and salad – doesn’t sound too bad except that my chicken came from a ‘warmer’ out on the street, and it was not warm at all. Not exactly what you get excited eating after having a big bout of sickness. LOL!


Artwork in Livingston

Then it was time to head on back to Rio Dulce. Once we arrived we wandered around the town trying to figure out a bus for tomorrow. In the end we got sent to Sundog Cafe where a man met us to arrange our transport – totally legit! LOL! We ended up grabbing a beer here while we waited for the man to arrive.

While we were enquiring, a couple also staying at our hotel arrived – Amaia and Javi who were also searching for bus tickets. So we got chatting to them, they are from Spain and so lovely. Once we all had our tickets we headed down to the boat dock as there was a free boat for us all to catch back out to our hotel.

We ended up relaxing in our room for a bit and then headed down to dinner at the hotel again. We both weren’t super hungry after lunch, however we needed some nutrients after a few bad meals today so we got ourselves some really yummy vegetable soup which did the trick.

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