Day 321 | Guatemala | Semuc Champey | Another Bus

This morning we got ourselves some breakfast at the hotel while we did lots of planning for the next few days. The next place we are staying at has not WIFI so we want to make sure we are organised.

Then it was time to check out and catch the boat into town along with Amaia and Javi. We waited at The Salty Dog Cafe for the bus, having a drink and a sandwich while we were waiting. The bus didn’t end up leaving until around 3pm, which was a bit later than we were expecting. We got into Lanquin around 9pm, from here we were met by our hostel and from here they drove us out to GreenGo’s – the hostel we were staying at. While it wasn’t that far to go we didn’t get to the hostel until just after 10pm due to the rough roads.

It was a long day! We had a bite to eat once we had dropped our luggage into our room as they had left the kitchen open just for us so we felt bad.

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