Day 322 | Guatemala | Semuc Champey | Cave of Wonder

We booked at our hostel because it was super close to Semuc Champey and all that it holds. We grabbed breakfast at our hostel before heading off on our tour with the hostel.


Could definitely get used to waking up to this every morning!

We had a short walk down to Semuc Champey where the first part of our tour took us through a cave system. Every second person was given a candle which we lit and took into the cave to show us the way. The cave was in varying levels of water so holding a candle, and negotiating the water tested the old coordination skills.


Walking through the cave by candlelight

At the end of the cave there was a blue hole which you could climb up on some rocks and do a jump down into. My braveness was not at a high level today so I gave this one a pass, but of course Anthony was pretty much first one up there to do the jump.

On the way back we did a slide down a rock which in the dark was a little daunting as we weren’t quite sure where it went but thankfully it was simple enough, well that was except for me because I came up too early and bumped my head, whoops!


Walking out at the end

Then we had a number of different activities it was like a whole natural adventure park!! I was just so not feeling brave today and passed on most of the following fun activities preferring to just take it easy – I’ll save up my braveness for another day! LOL! However, for those more brave than I, the first stop was a swing and jump into the water.


Anthony post swing 1


Anthony mid swing 2 (Note to self – remember to wipe GoPro lens after being in water – DOH!)

Next we did a bit of tubing down the river. Now this was definitely my pace and this was lots of fun just sitting back relaxing letting the river sweep us away. Funniest part was all the little kids who jumped into the water part way with little eskys selling beers! LOL!


Me chilling in the background while Anthony enjoys his beer

Next was a bridge jump. Seriously – what is wrong with 2 feet being firmly planted on the ground?!? LOL!







And then lastly before heading back for lunch was a waterfall jump. This one was crazy to watch as the current was super strong so for those of us watching from the shore the guys swam along and then almost stopped as they tried to swim past the strong current it was crazy. Then up onto some rocks and jumping in. At least I served a purpose because someone has to film it all right?!?!


Can you see the jumper?

Back at the hostel we grabbed ourselves some lunch and had a bit of a chill out before heading out again. This time we had around a 30min hike up to Mirador Semuc Champey where we were able to look down on the pools of Semuc Champey. It was a beautiful hike through the forest and we even spotted a few different species of monkeys along the way.


Spider monkey


Semuc Champey from above


Such a gorgeous view

Then it was down the mountain again to swim in all the various pools. After this was done we all headed back to the hostel for a shower and then some dinner, drinks and card games with some of the peeps at the hostel we had met. They were a great bunch and I don’t think we have laughed so much in a long time.


The pools of semuc champey all sit on top of the river that flows underneath


How fast is that water flowing!! The waterfall Anthony jumped off earlier in the day is where the water comes out from under the pools


Crazy, yes…crazy fun!

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