Day 323 | Guatemala | Antigua | A Long One

We were up early this morning so we could catch a 6.30am shuttle which took us down into Lanquin. From here we hopped on another shuttle to Antigua. It seemed to be what most people were doing, go into Semuc Champey for a couple of nights and then head on over to Antigua.

It was a crazy long bus ride today. I think in total we were shuttling for around 11-12 hours. We were exhausted by the end.

Once we finally arrived into Antigua we walked to our AirBnb. It is a lot further out of the main centre of town than we thought it was from the map. Plus they wanted to charge us $5US to do a load of washing. So irritating, especially as this was the main reason we booked the place so we could do washing. Apparently use of a washing machine can be quite a racket in some countries!!

We wandered into town for dinner and ended up at Pollo Campero which is basically a fancy fast food joint because quite frankly, we couldn’t be bothered with anything else! LOL! Then it was home to bed as we were pretty tired.

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