Day 324 | Guatemala | Antigua | Taking its Toll

We had a super big sleep in yesterday and were in no hurry to get moving this morning, I think the amount of long bus rides we have taken over the last couple of weeks is really starting to take its toll!!

Once showered and some laundry done whilst showering – very staunch about not wanting to pay a lot of money for laundry (LOL), we headed out to grab a late breakfast. We ended up going to Union Cafe for good coffee and some yummy granola. It’s been awhile between drinks for good and strong coffee, so after two coffees here we were pretty much bouncing off the walls.

While breakfasting, we did a heap of research into doing the volcano hikes and then stopped into a couple of places to grab some information.

Then it was back to our accommodation for a pretty lazy day to just unwind after too many buses.

For dinner tonight we headed into town to a place called Frida’s. We were met here by a bunch of peeps we had met at GreenGo’s Hostel in Semuc Champey as we had all gotten along so well there. It was a super fun night having a couple of drinks a bite to eat and lots more laughing to be had.


Bad photo, but cool place mats at Frida’s

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