Day 325 | Guatemala | Antigua | Seeing the Town

This morning after coffee and more researching about the volcano tours, we finally bit the bullet and went ahead and booked one for tomorrow.

Job done, we grabbed a bite to eat at the Bagel Barn before continuing on to explore the town.


Cobbled streets and old buildings

We first went to the San Francisco Church. This was a bit of a strange one, there is an operational church here, but also, ruins of the church, due to various earthquakes over the years, which were really quite beautiful. They is also a shrine to Peter of Saint Joseph Betancur who was canonised in 2002. This part was a little weird and creepy as there were all these photo collages of people who have been ‘saved’ by him, and then a big collection of crutches and other such articles no longer needed due to his miracles.


The church gates


Overlooking the ruins


Beautiful butterfly on the church grounds

From here we wandered to the market in town which I remembered being a big tourist market from when I was here in 2006, however, it was not so much the case now. We continued on and were headed up to the lookout over the town when it started pouring with rain. At the foot of the path up to the lookout we sat under a tiny little bit of cover for ages hoping that the rain would pass, however it was not to be. Eventually we headed out and just ran from shop to shop to shop trying to stay out of the rain as much as possible. Eventually we were close to the main square so stopped into Pollo Campero for a quick snack and hopefully wait out the rain.


Crazy rain!!

Then it was time to head to OX Expeditions for our ‘pre-game’ meeting for the hike tomorrow. Then off home to cook some dinner, pack and have an early night due to our super early start tomorrow.

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