Day 327 | Guatemala | Antigua | We Did it!

This morning we got a wake up call around 3.30am to get up and hike to the peak of Acatenango for sunrise. I felt so exhausted and nauseous still after yesterdays efforts, that piled on with the fact that I got little sleep due to volcanic eruptions and lying on the hard ground that I politely declined the offer. Anthony of course got up and went. From what he told me about his hour or so hike up loose scree to get to the summit made me realise I had made the right decision, as we still had the hike back down ahead of us this morning.

Those who chose to summit (about half the group) all returned back at camp around 6.30am and we had some banana bread for breakfast before getting ourselves all packed up and ready to head back down the mountain.


Beautiful morning views

Our walk back down the mountain was significantly easier than the walk up, as you can imagine, though a little tougher on the knees and thighs! We got down to the bottom a little after 9am. Such a relief and so proud to have made it!


Happy hiking down face!

Though we made it down pretty early, we had to wait until nearly 11am before we could leave and head back into Antigua for the last of our group to finish. While we waited Anthony had a celebratory beer. I would have loved to join him but I really just couldn’t stomach it. While we were waiting we ran into a few peeps we have met at various points along our journey both having finished the hike and about to embark on the hike.

Back at the shop in Antigua we unpacked everything and then headed out to our new hostel. Unfortunately we weren’t able to check in yet which was absolutely devastating as we felt like we were the walking dead!!

With nothing better to do, we headed to Pollo Campero again for some lunch while we waited. Then back to the hostel and we still couldn’t check in and we had to wait about an hour before we could.

As you can imagine for the rest of the day we just rested and then an early night…zzzz….

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