Day 329 | Guatemala | San Marcos | When you are in Central America you Can’t Expect Much From an Asian Restaurant

Happy Birthday Kevie!!


Early morning views from our AirBnB

This morning after dragging ourselves out of bed, we headed for a walk into town and had a late breakfast at Circles. We had homemade granola and it was amazing!!

After this we had a wander through town. The town is tiny, this did not take us long!! Then we stopped into a grocery store to get some breakfast items before heading back for some relaxing at the house. Funny story – while wandering the store we saw a dog at just the right height steal a bag of dog food and bolt out of the shop! LOL!


Town art


More lake/volcano views from our accommodation

Tonight we went out to dinner with Ari (who we met at Semuc Chamey) and Rachel and Ester (who were staying at the same place he was). We ended up at this really strange Asian place – Allala – which really was pretty terrible (I ordered chow mein – it tasted like instant noodles with some vegetables – so, basically the go-to meal we make ourselves when we are trying to have a cheap night, so, pretty disappointed!!), however, the good company and good chats definitely made up for it and it was a really good night.

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