Day 335 | El Salvador | Santa Ana | Heading to the Theatre

This morning after a little bit of walking around, we ended up eating breakfast at Dona Goya where we had a typical El Salvadorian breakfast of beans, eggs, plantain and bread. Good but I can’t see myself eating this every day 😉


Morning walks past Iglesia del Cristo Negro

Then it was to the bus with us after packing up yadda, yadda, yadda…


Our spunky chicken bus

It was a relatively easy bus ride for us today, no stops along the way, straight to our destination – Santa Ana. Once in town, we had only a short walk to our hostel Casa Verde (seriously, this one wins all the awards to date for best hostel we have stayed in!! Cannot believe the amount of detail and thought the owner has put into this place. You kinda get used to bits and pieces missing from a hostel, but seriously this one had it all! Happy campers here!!)

Once we were all checked in, we wandered into the main centre of town to check things out. On first views everything was closed, well, the two main attractions in the town were, being the cathedral and the theatre, so we proceeded to sit in the park for awhile and get in some good people watching.


The beautiful building that is Teatro de Santa Ana


The whitest of white Catedral de Nuestra Señora Santa Ana

After awhile we got hungry so headed on over to Simmer Down where we had a bite to eat for lunch. It was a little bit fancy pants compared to what we are used to but it was a nice place to chill and we enjoyed the pizza we had here.

Once we were finished with lunch, everything was once again open, so we were able to check everything out. First was the catedral which we had a wander through. A little bit of a different feel to it this one with its candy pink and green stripes, which really is quite striking to look at.


The creepiest statue. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at the time but now I see who I think it looks like….Lord Farquaad from Shrek!! LOL!


Candy stripes


Beautiful details on the outside also

Then it was onto the Teatre building. This one was a stunner!! You pay a small amount to be let into the building and then from here you are free to wander pretty much anywhere you like. There was so much gorgeous stained glass and art deco/nouveau architecture to take in!


The theatre section


Gorgeous stairway


Just some of the many stained glass windows


Beautiful floor tiles


Painted ceiling in one of the salons

These are pretty much the main highlights of the town so from here we headed back to the hostel to chill out (me) and nap (Anthony).


Statue in the park in the centre of town

Once sufficiently rested, we headed downstairs in the hostel to have a beer and got chatting to a really lovely English couple who were one month into a six month long trip. We paused our discussions momentarily to head to the grocery store to grab some items for dinner and then it was back to the hostel where we continued chatting away to the English couple on the roof, which is where we got relegated once it started to get a little late and was therefore quite time throughout the hostel.

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